Targit Academy

About Targit Academy

We identified the need for establishing an academic focus point for this new technology and established the TARGIT Academy in 2010 which is co-directed by Professor Mohammed Keshtgar from the Royal Free and University College London, UK and Professor Frederik Wenz from the University Medical Centre Mannheim & University of Heidelberg. TARGIT Academy offers the high quality training and the opportunity to gain a broad academic network. The faculty comprises a group of multidisciplinary experts who have been involved with this technology from the outset and have extensive experience in performing the procedure and providing advice in difficult cases.

As Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy is an interdisciplinary technique, the TARGIT Academy provides a networking platform, which enables the interaction and cooperation between surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical physicists and extended multidisciplinary team.

Use and handling of the intra-operative radiotherapy device, selection of appropriate applicator and adequate placement in the tumour bed are unfamiliar territory for surgeons. Therefore the focus of the Academy is on quality assurance and high standard in clinical education and training.   It runs regular training courses in London and Mannheim which are sponsored by the manufacturer of the IntrabeamTM (Carl Zeiss Surgical, Oberkochen, Germany).

As the success of this technique depends on multidisciplinary team working harmoniously with each other, the training is available only to the teams and not the individuals. The first training course of the Academy was launched in February 2011 at the Royal Free Hospital in London (fig.1)

The training involves three phases, theory days and hands on experience in skills laboratory, proctored training and the audit phase.