A comprehensive training programme run over two half-days covering all aspects of the TARGIT technique. The target audience is the whole team, particularly the surgeon, radiation oncologist and physicist. At the end of training the participants will receive a summary of presentations (with slides), a copy of the DVD illustrating the technique, and a certificate of attendance.

Two training centres are currently running – one in London (at the Royal Free Hospital) and one in Mannheim. Both centres use a common approach and the specially developed simulator. A third training centre in North America will be formed in due course.

There will be three or four training days per annum per centre on pre-arranged dates.

The course includes

  • One-day training session for the entire team (surgical and radiation oncologist, and physicist)
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • A training pack (paper and/or electronic), consisting of slides, videos, key references, etc.
  • A certificate of attendance
  • One proctoring visit from a certified surgeon to the local site (for sites outside Europe there would be an additional charge for travel and subsistence).

Future course dates


  • 3 April
  • 10/11 July
  • 30/31 October


  • 29/30 January
  • 23/24 April
  • 23/24 July
  • 29/30 October


  • 21/22 January
  • 28/29 April
  • 7/8 July
  • 27/28 October


  • 26/27 January
  • 27/28 April
  • 6/7 July
  • 26/27 October


  • 25/26 January
  • 19/20 April
  • 5/6 July
  • 25/26 October