Dr Keshtgar

The aim of the TARGIT Academy is to offer the highest quality training and the opportunity to gain a broad academic network. The faculties from a multidisciplinary background who have been involved with this technology from the outset have extensive experience in performing the procedure and providing advice in difficult cases. The focus of the Academy is on quality assurance, hands-on training on a specially designed simulator and interaction with experts to deliver a high standard in clinical education and training.

Prof. M. Keshtgar

Prof. Wenz

Our first experiences with the TARGIT Academy showed that the personal atmosphere and the interdisciplinary and international exchange is a great chance to get in touch with other centres, to boost the personal learning curve and to experience all the options with the INTRABEAM® System. The concept with lectures, video and enough time for the hands-on sessions leads to a familiar platform, where discussions and questions are welcome and an exchange of experience between experts takes place.

Prof. F. Wenz

How does it work?


Targeted intra-operative radiotherapy (TARGIT) using Intrabeam is an elegant approach of partial breast irradiation for an expanding number of solid tumours including breast cancer, rectal cancer, vulval and skin cancer, brain tumours and bone metastasis. It delivers a precise and timely dose of intraoperative radiotherapy accurately to the tumour.

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How is it done?


Although the TARGIT technique is straight forward, it requires concerted teamwork and attention to details. Identification of suitable patients who can benefit from this procedure is the extremely important. Adequate training of the multidisciplinary team will ensure the success of this powerful and new technology.

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Clinical trials


The Clinical Trials Group (CTG) is a specialist clinical trials unit contained within the UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, part of the School of Life and Medical Sciences of University College London.

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Latest news


The results of the International randomized trial of TARGIT vs External Beam radiotherapy on 3451 patients has been published in the Lancet in print.

We are delighted to announce that the US branch of Targit Academy has been launched in 2014 and the first course was held in June and the second course is scheduled for December.

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